Return Policy

Return Reverie: Unveiling the Dance of Satisfaction

1. Prelude to Returns: Crafting Your Comfort Symphony

   At Komense, we understand that the melody of your preferences may evolve. Our return policy is a prelude to ensure that the dance of satisfaction remains the central theme of your experience.

2. Timeless Returns: Unfurling Comfort at Your Pace

   Take your time to decide. Our generous return window is designed to allow you to immerse yourself in the beauty of your chosen pieces and ensure they resonate with your style at your own tempo.

3. Steps of Return Ballet: Navigating with Grace

   - Step 1: Initiate the Return

     Begin your return journey at our Returns Center on Share your order details, allowing us to tailor the experience to your unique rhythm.

   - Step 2: Package with Care

     Gently cradle your treasures in their original embrace. Every detail matters, much like the care that went into crafting each piece.

   - Step 3: Shipping Serenade

     Choose your preferred shipping method and send your package back to us. Consider using a tracked service for an added layer of reassurance.

   - Step 4: Await the Unboxing Joy

     Once your return reaches us, our team performs a graceful inspection. We ensure each piece is treated with the same care it received in our sanctuary.

4. Eligibility Waltz: Ensuring a Harmonious Return

   - Jewelry must return in its original, unworn condition.

   - Customized or engraved pieces, however, perform a dance of permanence and can't join the return tango.

   - Special promotions or clearance items may have unique dance steps, so check the details for a seamless transition.

5. Refund Symphony: Celebrating Returns with Value

   - Refunds pirouette back to your original payment method.

   - Keep in mind, any promotional discounts or coupons used will be considered in the refund amount.

6. Exchange Waltz: A Seamless Transition to Your Next Treasure

   - Wish to swap your dance partner for a different size or style? Our exchange process is designed to keep your rhythm going.

7. Return Shipping Sonnet: Your Responsibilities, Your Stage

   - Return shipping costs are like your dance shoes – they're on you, but they ensure the performance is seamless.

8. Warranty Encore: A Lifelong Overture

   - Our warranty extends beyond the return window. If your piece encounters any issues, our repair services are ready for an encore.

9. Contact Us Pas de Deux: We're Here to Choreograph Solutions

   - If you have questions or need guidance, our Customer Support team is ready to ensure the harmony of our partnership remains intact.

Your elegance, your journey. Komense—where returns are not just transactions but an opportunity to dance through our commitment to your satisfaction.